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Our team is growing all the time.We have many who are part of  Vessels of Honor Worldwide ,Worship Leaders as well.We appreciate all who are such a vital part of this ministry.
Board Member

Lana Allen Shoulders is founder & co-leader of Shepherd's House of Praise & Deliverance, LLC serving with founder & co-leader Bro. Lester McGhee at 3440 East Jefferson- Davis Highway Elkton, KY. 42220. Services start at 6 pm Saturday's & intercessory prayer on Thursdays at 6:30 pm. Oasis Worship Experience( O. W. E.)the 1st Thursday of each month at 6 pm- Harp & bowl( intercession & worship).  Shepherds House of Praise & Deliverance has a FB page and also can find Lana Allen Shoulders on FB and Shepherds House on FB. E- mail is [email protected] . Shepherd's House of Praise & Deliverance, LLC is a non- profit organization. Serving The Body of Christ in the region & beyond, training, equipping, and providing opportunities to minister. A place to be refreshed, built up,...a place of healing, deliverance, praise, and prayer. We are an Apostolic/ Prophetic House/ Hub that pastors, teaches, and evangelizes. We have a heart for salvations, healings, deliverances, for Israel, for nations, to raise up Sons & Daughters of The King( Jesus) to know who they are in Christ and who Christ is in them, to take their place in the Army of the Lord & Charge with Kingdom of God purposes & authority!

Lois is a hard working committed servant of the Lord.
A licensed minister called into the five fold ministry (Eph.4:12)
She is a student of Global University School of Ministry, working toward her ordination.
She has been involved in jail ministry, children’s ministry, women’s ministry director at her church for 11 years and many other ministry of helps
She is a recipient of Vessels of Honor Worldwide Woman of the year award 2011.
At present time she hosts a small group bible study in her home.
She is leader on the prayer/alter team @ Living To Go Church where she is an  active member. Lois also speaks at women’s conferences and retreats.
She has strength in adversity. The Bible and prayer are her source of the strength. She encourages the weak, speaks the truth in love wanting only to help other women grow in Christ.

Board member of Voh


Sword and Trumpeter Ministries

 Ordained Minister-- At  the  tender age of  six  Faye committed her life to Christ  and began preaching the gospel  at an early age.  In 1970,  she accepted God’s call into  the ministry and was ordained as a minister of the gospel in 1973 through the  Emmanuel Churches of Christ (Apostolic). While in that organization, she served in the following positions:  Sunday  School teacher  for  all age groups; assembly wide youth leader  in TN,  KY,  GA,  and   FL;   served   as   pastor/co-pastor   in  churches  in   TN  and   KY.                      Short  Term  Missionary:  served  in  Honduras,  Israel, India,  Ecuador,  and plans  to travel to Kenya in the near future.                                                                                 Minister/ Conference  Speaker/ Teacher---  ministers  in  different   churches,   and  at women’s conferences and retreats; has ministered in churches in TN, KY, MI, MA, OH, GA,  FL,  India, and  Honduras.  While  in  Honduras  she  served  as  the  director  and teacher of Children’s Church.                                                                                                                            

Graduate of Life Changing Bible Institute-She  serves  on the  board  and prayer  team of   Vessels  of  Honor Worldwide  and   previously  served  on  the  Women’s  Ministry  Board  and  as the  director  of  the Women’s   Mentoring  Team at  her  church. 

“She   truly  has  a  heart  for  hurting  women.   Her  desire  is  to  teach  women to let go  of  their pasts,  so that their past no longer controls their future.  I want to help them come to know who they are in the Lord, and to grasp a vision of all that  God created and intends for  them to be.  When  we study  God’s Word, we  will begin to  deepen our  roots, so  that  we become  women growing  beside streams of living water, where we will  gain a  new  identity in Christ, and  become  power-filled women of God  by  His Holy Spirit.”

Faye lives in Nashville, TN with her husband Tony. They attend River of Life Church in Smyrna, TN. Together they have one daughter and five sons, and they are blessed with an abundance of  grandchildren and great grandchildren.           

Belinda is a board member of Vessels of Honor Worldwide and
the editor of Voice of Praise newsletter.
Belinda has served as pastor and co-pastor in the past as well
as ministering in healing, deliverance and counseling. She has
also had the privilege to work with youth and youth camps.
She loves expressive worship in the arts and has been a part of
Worship Conferences; Woman’s Conferences and served as
director of dance ministries.
Belinda, along with her husband Guy, are founders and
ministers with Word Beat Ministries having a passion to bring
healing to the body of Christ, as well as being vessels for the
Lord bringing the message of salvation to a lost and dying
world as the Lord opens doors.
Email: [email protected]