Vessels of Honor



Our Story

Vessels of Honor Worldwide was originally birthed in 2004 in a dream given by God!
However, although excited the Lord would not allow me to STEP INTO THAT CALLING till 2 years later.
After much prayer,seeking the face of God and allowing him to do His work in myself.then and only then did he release me to walk in that which he had called.

We started by having monthly meetings in an old Bank in Portland Tn. with much excitement in seeing God perform that which he had promised we continued to have meetings each month.Then while out of town one weekend unbeknownst to us the building we used was auctioned off!
This where God truly taught me a lesson....Never Doubt Gods' Plan! I cried out to God...God I know you spoke this into existence and now we have nowhere to meet... God Then ask me Do you not trust me ? to which I quickly replied Yes Lord!  Then he spoke One Word! "WAIT"

2 weeks later A New Thing began to take place.....When God said worldwide that is exactly what he meant ..Churches from all denominations from different cities and states and even countries began to contact us wanting to host A Vessels of Honor Worldwide Conference! Praise God!

Today we travel to many areas and minister The Full Gospel and we are Blessed to have a Vessels of Honor Worldwide Church in India!
We are forever thankful for the many doors that God continues to open  for us to fulfill what he has called us to do!

~Deborah J. Baird